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Performance Design Futures 2022 is an international academic symposium organised by CYCSTAT -the Cyprus Centre of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians- to take place in Theatro Polis OPAP Nicosia, Cyprus, and virtually between 8-10th April 2022. 


​This international hybrid symposium aims to open a dialogue for the development of Performance Design and future practices around the world and in Cyprus. Further to that, we aim to open a discussion around building academic courses of study on Scenography within Cypriot Higher Education Institutions.


Dr Tanja Beer (AU)

Dr Rachel Hann (UK) 

Dr Dorita Hannah (NZ) 

Andreas Skourtis (UK/GR) 

Dr Yiannis Toumazis (CY)

The title Performance Design Futures refers to the new tendencies within the field of Scenography to move beyond the theatrical stage, and the need for the role of the performance designer to become more political.


Performance Design is defined as  “[…] a loose and inclusive term that asserts the role of artists [and] designers in the conception and realisation of events, as well as their awareness of how design elements not only actively extend the performing body, but also perform without and in spite of the human body. […] In harnessing the dynamic forces inherent to environments and objects and insisting on a co-creative audience as participatory players, it provides a critical tool to reflect, confront and realign world views.” (Hannah and Harslǿf, 2008, p.18)


The Symposium will be focusing on the following four thematics:

  1. Performance Design in the Urban Realm 

  2. Performance Design as Dramaturgy 

  3. Performance Design and Sustainability 

  4. Performance Design in Higher Education

Symposium events will include guest speakers, workshops and panel discussions. 


The Symposium is sponsored by the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth and supported by NiMAC. 


Technical support by EventPro.


Mariza Bargilly / Scenographer & Visual Artist

​Eleni Ioannou / Performance Designer

​Dr Marina Hadjilouca / Performance Designer & Academic

​Marina Maleni / Theatre & Communication Specialist

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