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Klitsa Antoniou is a multidisciplinary artist educated at Wimbledon School of Art and St. Martin’s School of Art and Design, London (B.F.A.), Pratt Institute (M.F.A.), New York University, USA (D.A. Program), and Cyprus University of Technology (PhD). Her work contains a recurrent range of issues, such as memory, the process of recollection and the awareness of an ever returning practice of allowing the present to formulate and re-address the past.
As an artist, she has exhibited in major museums and art galleries worldwide. She has been an artist-in-residence in many countries and participated in numerous workshops and seminars. In 2019 she represented Malta at Venice Biennale with the work Atlantropa-X. She has won numerous awards. She is a Professor of Fine Arts at Cyprus University of Technology. She is the Founder of Cut Contemporary Fine Arts Lab.

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