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Strategies of liveness in virtual/digital scenographies in metaverse theatre-making

Drawing upon research presented earlier in this conference. This workshop will demonstrate and explore key aspects of Copper Candle’s exploration into what liveness maybe in a new form of theatre making - metaverse theatre.

This workshop will be a led forum discussion, exploring themes of liveness and how these can be used to understand audience interaction and engagement in non-corporeal forms of performance making. We will also explore how digital design becomes an effort of scenography in entirely digital performance and how they themselves contribute to the creation of liveness. 


Owing to our research key areas of discussion will be around; audience agency, strategies of interactivity and the use of branch narratives as a dramaturgic technique for metaverse theatre making. We want to acknowledge clearly the new role of the audience/spectator in our work.


Rory Foster is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher and producer who’s practice merges “theatrical performance with other artistic fields of practice (predominantly) photography, dance, installation art and digital aesthetics”. His work interrogates the relationship between the actual and the digital, the physical and the virtual and aims to negotiate and define new ideas of dramaturgy, liveness, corporeality and identity. Rory is currently carrying out a PhD, between the University of East London and Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance, entitled; ‘Extended Performance: A new framework of thinking for interdisciplinary practice.'

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