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Guest Speaker / OISTAT president


ABY COHEN is a Brazilian scenographer, artistic director, exhibition designer and curator. PhD in Theatre Theory and Practice, with research on the intersection between Scenography - Art Installation - Expography and Performance. Currently living and working in the UK as the Head of Postgraduate Department at Backstage Academy- University of Bolton.

PQ2011 Golden Triga awarded as designer and curator of Brazil's National Exhibition. PQ2015 International curator of SharedSpace / Politics. PQ2019 Brazil`s National Curator. Co-founder of CenografiaBrasil in 2001. Founder of PQBrasil Platform in 2017.

Aby is an active collaborator member of OISTAT since 2003, participating in various projects: OISTAT/PQ Scenofest Team in 2007 (Birds` Critique) and 2011 (Digital Dramaturgies). WSD2013 Exhibition Jury, Design as Performance Curator and Programme Coordinator (Cardiff/UK). E-Scapes 2014 - OISTAT International Conference Creator and Curator (Brazil). WSD2017 Executive Member (Taipei/TW). SENA 2020 Online Forum/Festival Coordinator.  Former OISTAT Vice -President 2013-2017. OISTAT President 2021-2025

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